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We are talented and proactive accountants scaling up your business from Madagascar

What we do?

We identify personnel to help you with your workforce needs. We hire full-time and expandable offshore outsourced finance team. We offer collaborative approach which is a real lever of your business and its operations.

In the back office, We help small and medium sized companies improve their operations and decision-making through a strong collaboration with our specialized accounting team. We monitor risk, we overcome challenges and we meet deadlines

Values of our Team

We do it simple, friendly and smart! the way we build long-term partnership

We Love Mathematics

Yes, We love numbers ! we typically love working with factual information, statistics and figures and find satisfaction in solving complicated financial riddles... and We are happy when everything is in balance

We are Trustworthy

Financial information as bank statements, financial statements, income, expenditure, tax, employee salaries are very confidential. Trustworthiness is the first professionalism and ethics we adopt the way we build and maintain a solid reputation.

We are Collaborative and Highly Flexible

We focus on working alone as needed and imparting important information to a team of people everytime. We are highly adaptable, We are open to changes everytime and as long as the system and the process require

Happy Clients


Hours per week

Hard Workers


Our team focus on making your project a success!

Scale up your business

Dedicated financial team

Add value with low-cost

Timely and Trusted reports

Quality and Efficiency

Do not change your tools

Benefits of outsourcing accounting services

The size of your accounting team is directly proportional to the growth of your business

The flexibility principle states that an accounting team should be able to adapt to changes in the company based on its needs and operations

Outsourcing will assign specific accounting tasks of your accounting work to the outside specialists and your internal team will be liberated to focus on their work and also expedite urgent projects with rapidly approaching deadlines

The scalability is about creating a team that can excel your business into growth. Scalability is about capacity, capability, and equipping your teams with the means to handle company growth

If you outsource part of your accounting team, you can scale-up anytime wihout any issue as AF-Mada can employ more talented accountants depending on the need

Outsourcing accounting work and other projects to outside groups is not only about saving money but this is certainly one of the benefits of outsourced accounting services, from the employee payroll to the admistrative management cost

Other costs include materials and stationery supplies, gadgets and software expenses, hiring, employee allowances for overtime, training, and other payables

Basically, outsourcing accounting is more cost effective for small and medium-sized businesses

All of the costs must be considered, salaries, benefits, taxes, and unemployment and even the Hidden costs. Expenses can quickly add up, especially when ressources are limited

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO),"outsourcing can help companies reduce an average of 15 percent of their costs". But the actual savings depend on how many business operations you plan to outsource and other changes you want to implement in-house

Accounting outsourcing significantly reduces fraud as well as the likelihood of any security breaches, data theft or other risks is lower

The separation of tasks and functions by outsourcing certain services does not allow the conspiratorial temptation to exist

Although it has full access to your financial stack, income, loan statements, liabilities, and assets, AF-Mada, accounting branch of Madeinmada cannot do anything negative that can damage its reputation

The systems in place, clouds, crms, and secure software greatly help data protection

In addition, in the presence of a conflict of interest, it is possible to outsource the service to an external service provider. Such a solution is very obvious when the service provider is offshore

Ready to build remote and offshore accounting team? see the advantages of outsourcing the accounting services in Madagascar, with AF-Mada !

Dedicated Team

We provide a team for full-time and continuous cooperation which is an extension of your local team. Staffs are dedicated 100% to your activities

Legal Employment Compliance

We operate according to Madagascar Labour standard. In all contracts, we comply with legislations and laws

Transparent Pricing

You are informed with your offshore employees salaries, benefits and reimbursmen of expenses, if any, shown in the monthly invoice and separately our management fees. Without hidden cost

Proactive and helpful Staff

We are selective in our recruitment and we provide the top candidates that match your reqiirements. We provide continous training for the team to adhere clients values

Scale Quickly and Easily

You can start with one and extend further. We support you as your business grows. Anytime, you can add new team members. in case of high workload, we can hire temporary staffs

Handle Data Securely

We handle datas securely and we commit to confidentiality of information. It is crucial for outsourcing firms especially for accounting outsourcing like AF-Mada (madeinmada)


We offer a full range of services that spans bookkeeping, accounting, consulting, payroll and management of accounts receivables and accounts payables

Invoice processing

Complete invoice processing : from the RFQ, purchase order or buyer order. we handle the collection, registration, approval, dispatch, request for payment, follow-up until settlement and filing

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Cloud accounting

We use your tools or advise one for you. The system allows multi-user access, safe, online. Cloud allows business processes to be streamlined and tailored to company growth

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Bank and Transaction reconciliation

Essential internal control and necessary in preventing and detecting errors, providing explanations of the differences between the accounting record's balances and the bank balance position per the bank statement or any other transaction

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Payroll, Accounts Receivables and Accounts payables management

We handle transparently all tasks such as seeking trade credit lines, acquiring favorable terms of purchase, and managing the timing and payment flows

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Budget and forecast management

We handle successfully the management accounting process for determining and detailing the organization's long-term, mid-term and short-term financial goals. We handle expenses follow-up, KPI monitoring and management reporting

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Financial statements preparation

One of the last step in the accounting cycle, using information from the previous statements and develop the current ones. Additionally, based on your needs, we can provide a financial statements and ratios analysis monthly, quarterly and yearly

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are worldwide. Indeed accounting standards, rules, recording and reporting can be different from country to country according to taxation and finance politics in place BUT basics and principles are nearly the same. You may decide only to outsource certain areas of your accounting while keeping the rest in-house. We adhere to GAAP and IFRS frameworks.

AF-Mada will provide you with accounting support for your business units (home and abroad) and enable you with unified way of reporting for all your business units.

The number of the dedicated staffs depends on your requirements. We analyse and evaluate your need together. We invoice you monthly and transparently. Invoice will show the salaries, benefits and social contributions of your outsourced employees, the monthly subscription fee of the cloud software used and the management fees. The management fees are 25% of the above mentionned total cost. Contact us for a cost simulation.

6 weeks, or possibly sooner, after we start the recruitment process. The mean time, we analyse your needs and requirements which help us greatly to find the suitable candidates from our database or from new advertisements. Once we have shortlisted 3 or 4 candidates per each requested post, we arrange interviews with you to select the perfect fit and we conclude with the employment contract and proceed with onboarding process right away.

No one can have access to your data without your company’s express permission. We can also set up restrictions to specific users to limit their accessibility and functions.

Yes! We assist and coordinate these functions with your current CPA to ensure that they have the necessary information to prepare these for you. We do not perform audits services or reviews and we do not provide any opinion on your financial statements. We only focus on your progress.

We use you tools

You do not need to change your tools! we adapt ourselves to it if you have one. Or we advise you a perfect one


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